The world has changed a lot. Even in my short lifetime, I could make a pretty long list of things that have changed. But instead of making that list of things that have already changed, I think as a society we need to make a list of things that still NEED to change.

I hate that I'm scared to go to the local supermarket now for fear of being assaulted or abducted. And it scares me even more that someday my children may face a similar fear.

I hate that we don't know when we should put our phones away. I hate that reality and social media have somehow become interchangeable.

Change doesn't happen unless first there's a pinpointed problem that needs to be solved.

I think that the school systems needs a hefty face-lift. With so much change in our world, it's mandatory that what our children learn changes as well. Change, learn, and adapt.

To prevent fear of assault and abduction, self defense classes should be taught at a young age and continued through high school. .

To address the use of phones and social media, there should be a class on how to use, where to use, and how to always differentiate between real and curated.

Even within my short lifetime, I've seen so much change. Change isn't bad but it isn't always good. I think some change is inevitable and at some point - the best way to combat it is to simply adapt to it in a defensively intelligent manner. I hope that as a society, we see inexplicable disappearances of children, depressed and suicidal teenagers, and overly stressed out adults as problems that we can strive to change. I think we can all change for the better.

Kaleigh MuellerComment