Learning to Live

Over the years, I've learned the most about myself by exploring things I learned I didn't like and figuring out who I wasn't. I explored four completely different college majors before I fell head over heels for design. I've tried many different foods, finding favorites and few I'll never go near again. I've had a variety of different jobs, finding out a little bit more about myself each time. I hate sales and retail makes me nervous. I love problem-solving and relationships with co-workers. I hate clutter and I love organization. I don't like cites and I love small towns. I hate cats but I love dogs. I love spring, summer, and fall but could definitely go without winter.

I learned to appreciate the things I love by learning what it was I didn't like.

In the big picture of life, if you never knew what it was like for things not to go your way, would you feel blessed when things did? How happy could you really be if you never knew what it felt like to be sad?  If you never felt the burn of a tear rolling down your cheek, would the sound of laughter mean as much? If you didn't know what it was like to lose, would you know how to win?  

I'm a firm believer that things happen for a reason. Even the bad things. The good and the bad shape you into becoming who you were intended to be. It helps you to grow and find out what motivates you, what drives you, and what pushes you.

The bad helps you see the good more clearly. Embrace the bad, but FOCUS ON THE GOOD.

Kaleigh Mueller1 Comment