When The Story Ends Too Early

A poem I wrote to everyone whose world has been turned upside down by this crazy thing called life, my heart goes out to you:

When the story ends too early
And the pen comes to a halt
When you're searching for the answers
To who or what's at fault

When your world comes crashing down
And your tears won't seem to dry
When you can't find strength, you can't find hope
And you feel like faith's a lie

It is in these moments we must be brave
In these moments we must be strong
Surround yourself with those you love
So the days don't seem so long

Eventually the storm will end
and the clouds will roll away
It won't be easy, it won't be fast
But there will come a day

Keep the faith and hold on tight
To the love that God provides
Amidst the pain and sorrow
His promises abide

You may never have the answers
To why the story ends
But in Him you will find peace
And your heart He will mend

So cry when you need to
Smile when you can
Hold on to memories of those you've lost
And trust God has a plan

Kaleigh MuellerComment